Tuesday, September 6, 2011

You are beautiful.

I've got a big, round nose, and it's perfect.
I love it.
Fleckled with faint freckles, that blend with a bland palette.
Fair skin and soft curves,
and pink lips untouched by fake color.
They're perfect. I love them.
A crooked tooth and a complexion that's not smooth.
A smile that smudges the cheeks to my hair,
curly, unruly--like the girl in the shell.
Thank God for my eyes.
They're incapable of lying.
A straight shot
to that gentle heart of gold,
that won't quit trying.

It's so easy to believe you aren't beautiful. At least for me. There's a delicate mental balance.
Treat your body right and with respect, and you will love yourself no matter what. One day at a time. Love your body and your self as you love others. If you can't find beauty in the flaws of other humans, you will never find the true beauty of your own 'flaws.' Love others and love yourself. You are beautiful. Stay human.
Peace & love.

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