Monday, February 27, 2012

The illusion.

Life is no more than a game—an illusion, rather. It is imagined. It is a series of walls built up by our minds so as to distract ourselves from the real enjoyment. We construct these walls in an attempt to evade the feelings associated with difficult emotions—and those emotions are perhaps the most important of all emotions! How individuals express or suppress those emotions is of vital importance to the development and overall happiness of an individual. By not expressing them we dig ourselves an ever-deepening rabbit hole. The more you resist the expression of these emotions, the harder it is to climb out of the rabbit hole.

So as you continue to construct and strengthen the walls around the fortress that is your eternal joy, you are not so much protecting your joy from the harm of others as you are inhibiting yourself from knowing the diverse array of possibilities that await you. And as you limit your awareness to only a narrow strip of reality, your inner joy grows bored. It wants to experience life, and you neglect it only to build a wall that further shields it from the influence of outsiders. So in this way, life as you imagine it becomes bleak and bland, void of creativity. You’ve built your walls so high that the sun seems to no longer shine, and in your darkness you are stuck—you believe so fervently in your body’s physical distress from wading through all the muck that you literally have no energy to think. To remove a brick and peek out to admire the sky is an action that simply doesn’t occur to you! ‘Oh no, you can’t remove a brick! That’s not normal! Everyone else is laying bricks!’ In those terrifying moments of omniscience, you yearn so deeply to release yourself of all inhibitions—to rip down the walls and express everything bound up inside your heart—but your knowledge of social boundaries (just more walls created by your imagination) reminds you of the glares you would most certainly receive from onlookers. And you shrivel up again. You cower behind the walls and pretend you saw nothing. You deny your conscience. That! is not life. That is sleep. You were so intoxicated with naivety that you passed out. An alcoholic! You are mistaken in your assumption that everyone else is on the right path. The only path right for a man is that which he paves on his own. No words can communicate with perfect precision an idea. Words are not to be valued as ideas. Words are tools. Words are tools used to build walls. Too much focus on building those walls turns you into society’s slave. Only when you pave your own path are you able to make the necessary choice to be free of your boundaries. Listen to your conscience! Stop building walls and tear them down! Open yourself to all the possibilities and experiences awaiting you, and begin to live a life of joy.

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