Friday, April 13, 2012

To sacrifice one's selfishness.

I think this article is gorgeous. The writer's ability to understand what the god Kali stands for is something special to which I relate.
I understand people. And I love them. I love all parts of them. The good and the bad. I especially love the bad--or at least what people believe to be bad about themselves. We're all beautiful. And we all deserve to be loved.
Once I began to embrace the negatives in others, I began to embrace my own negatives. And I realized they weren't so negative after all. And now I reeeeeeally love people. I simply adore them now! I no longer hate people--I thought I honestly hated people until recently. I see all the things people hate about themselves, and I want to express my love for those things. Loud and proud! I want people to see that it isn't weird to love yourself or your body.
The body is a temporary thing, and to fixate on it can lead to unhappiness and self-disgust. I've been down that road. I hated myself and my body for too damn long.
It can be normal to love yourself. I promise it can be normal. If you stop hating people simply because you fear their judgement, you can open your mind to the possibility that people might actually love you. And if the people you expect to love you decide that they don't/can't, trust that there will be others around the corner waiting to embrace you. Open your mind to the possibilities. "Sacrifice your selfishness." Sacrifice the comfort of hiding from your fears, and experience the beauty that comes from facing them head-on.

I will do my best in this life. I will dance and make music, and I will love all people.

And now I will go read some Nietzsche. :) Peace & love.

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